Error retrieving access token: TypeError: Cannot read property 'project_id' of undefined


I am new to clasp.

After the initial login via: clasp login I am able to login to script.google.com Next, I have created a project and pushed the file via: clasp push

Now, I have logged out using: clasp logout

Help required here: Now, if I am trying:

clasp login --creds ./.clasp.json

I am getting, "Error retrieving access token: TypeError: Cannot read property 'project_id' of undefined".

Please guide me on how to login via --creds?


TLDR: You're using the config file (.clasp.json), and not a credentials file (creds.json or other) from the Google Cloud Project console.

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When you log in, the default storage of credentials is in a file named .clasprc.json in the ~ directory (C:\Users\<user>\ on Windows):

$ clasp login Logging in globally...


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