How to Autowire conditionally in spring boot?


I have created one scheduler class

public class TestSchedulderNew { @Scheduled(fixedDelay = 3000) public void fixedRateJob1() { System.out.println("Job 1 running"); } @Scheduled(fixedDelay = 3000) public void fixedRateJob2() { System.out.println("Job 2 running"); } }

In configuration i have put @ConditionalOnProperty annotation to enable this on conditional purpose.

@Bean @ConditionalOnProperty(value = "jobs.enabled") public TestSchedulderNew testSchedulderNew() { return new TestSchedulderNew(); }

Now in controller, i have created "stopScheduler" method to stop those scheduler , in this controller i have autowired TestSchedulderNew class

@RestController @RequestMapping("/api") public class TestCont { private static final String SCHEDULED_TASKS = "testSchedulderNew"; @Autowired private ScheduledAnnotationBeanPostProcessor postProcessor; /] @Autowired private TestSchedulderNew testSchedulderNew; @GetMapping(value = "/stopScheduler") public String stopSchedule(){ postProcessor.postProcessBeforeDestruction(testSchedulderNew, SCHEDULED_TASKS); return "OK"; } }

Now the problem is if conditional property is false then i get below exception

Field testSchedulderNew in com.sbill.app.web.rest.TestCont required a bean of type 'com.sbill.app.schedulerJob.TestSchedulderNew

In case of true everything works fine,

Do we have any option to solve this ?


You can use @Autowired(required=false) and null check in stopScheduler method.

@Autowired(required=false) private TestSchedulderNew testSchedulderNew; @GetMapping(value = "/stopScheduler") public String stopSchedule() { if (testSchedulderNew != null) { postProcessor.postProcessBeforeDestruction(testSchedulderNew, SCHEDULED_TASKS); return "OK"; } return "NOT_OK"; }



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