Reformat Django REST Framework Serializer to get Output


I am trying to get data in a particular format but i'm not able to get the desired output.

My Model:

class Category(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=40) class Expense(models.Model): category = models.ForeignKey(Category, on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="category_name") description = models.CharField(max_length=200) total_amount = models.IntegerField() class Expense_Details(models.Model): expense = models.ForeignKey(Expense, on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="payment") user = models.IntegerField() amount = models.FloatField() type = models.CharField(max_length=100) ---->type is owe or lend

When I request /api/expenses/:

Expected Output { “total_expenses”: 10, “Expenses”: [{ “id”: 1, “category”: 1, “created_by”: 1, ------> user logged id “description”: “lunch”, “total_amount”: “105”, “owe”: [{ “user_id”: 1, “amount”: 10 }, { “user_id”: 2, “amount”: 95 }], “lend”: [{ “user_id”: 3, “amount”: 10 }, { “user_id”: 4, “amount”: 95 }], }, ... ] }

My output:

{ "results": [ { "id": 1, "category": 1, "description": "lunch at the burj al arab", "total_amount": 105, "payment": [ { "user": 1, "amount": -10 }, { "user": 2, "amount": -95 }, { "user": 3, "amount": 10 }, { "user": 4, "amount": 95 } ] } ] }

My Serializer:

class ExpenseDetailsSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): class Meta: model = Expense_Details fields = ['user', 'amount'] class ExpenseSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): payment = serializers.SerializerMethodField() def get_payment(self, obj): return ExpenseDetailsSerializer(obj.payment.all(), many=True).data class Meta: model = Expense fields = ['id', 'category', 'description', 'total_amount', 'payment',]

What Query should I use to get Output in the above format? How will my serializer look like? How can I separate own and lend? Also I have stored own and lend with + and - sign to differentiate between them.


Use a ListField for the same.

Documentation: https://www.django-rest-framework.org/api-guide/fields/#listfield

Also refer How to serialize an 'object list' in Django REST Framework

Here you can try something like:

class ExpenseSerializer(serializers.Serializer): payment = serializers.ListField(child=ExpenseDetailsSerializer()) def get_payment(self, obj): return ExpenseDetailsSerializer(obj.payment.all(), many=True).data class Meta: model = Expense fields = ['id', 'category', 'description', 'total_amount', 'payment',]



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