Spring Security OAuth 2 with form login


I'm trying to configure my Spring boot application to use a form login, and to verify the credentials using an OAuth 2 authorization server (sending the credentials from the form login to the user authorization URL.

However, when I'm using the following SecurityConfig and I go to a resource, rather than using a form login it redirects to the authorization server, asking for my credentials (using basic authentication) and then redirects back to the application itself.

I'm using the following SecurityConfig:

@Configuration @EnableOAuth2Sso public class SecurityConfig extends OAuth2SsoConfigurerAdapter { @Override public void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception { http .logout() .and() .antMatcher("/**") .authorizeRequests() .anyRequest().authenticated() .and() .csrf() .csrfTokenRepository(csrfTokenRepository()).and() .addFilterAfter(csrfHeaderFilter(), CsrfFilter.class) .formLogin(); } // CSRF repository + filter }

I am providing the formLogin() to the configure() method, but this doesn't seem to work.

The following configuration is in my application.yml file:

spring: oauth2: client: clientId: test clientSecret: secret accessTokenUri: http://localhost:8081/uaa/oauth/token userAuthorizationUri: http://localhost:8081/uaa/oauth/authorize clientAuthenticationScheme: header resource: userInfoUri: http://localhost:8081/uaa/user

This configuration does work, because after the redirect I am getting authorized, but it's not in the way I would like it to work (with a form login in stead of a redirect to the OAuth2 Authorization server).


With SSO the whole point is that the user authenticates with the auth server (localhost:8081 in your case). If you want a form login, that's where you need to implement it, not in the client app.


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