How to find LAN ip address of android device?


If wifi of device is connected, I assume the device has an LAN IP address assigned presumably by a dhcp running on a router.

How can find it what's the LAN ip address (not the external ip) on the wifi interface ?



<a href="http://developer.android.com/reference/java/net/NetworkInterface.html" rel="nofollow">NetworkInterface</a> will help you:

String ipAddress = null; try { for (Enumeration<NetworkInterface> en = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces(); en.hasMoreElements();) { NetworkInterface intf = en.nextElement(); for (Enumeration<InetAddress> enumIpAddr = intf.getInetAddresses(); enumIpAddr.hasMoreElements();) { InetAddress inetAddress = enumIpAddr.nextElement(); if (!inetAddress.isLoopbackAddress()) { ipAddress = inetAddress.getHostAddress().toString(); } } } } catch (SocketException ex) {}


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