Send array to next viewcontroller iOs xcode [duplicate]



<strong>Possible Duplicate:</strong><br /><a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5210535/passing-data-between-view-controllers" rel="nofollow">Passing Data between View Controllers</a>


I have 2 view controller:

<ol><li>Index </li> <li>Second</li> </ol>

In Index I have 2 textfield and button.

I fill this text field and press "next button" to second view, I need to "show" this two text field, by using Array (later I will send JSON data). How I can best realize? Please help! Best regards<br /> Ivan.


Declare an @property in class Second as textArray. And then while pushing to Second from Index, you need to set this property.

In Second.h file,

@property(nonatomic, strong) NSArray *textArray;

In Index.m file,

Second *aSecond = [[Second alloc] init]; aSecond.textArray = @[textField1.text, textField2.text]; //write code to push from Index to Second

Now in class Second, you can use it as aSecond.textArray[0] and aSecond.textArray[1]


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