Create/delete users from text file using Bash script


I know this question has been asked a lot but I just can't seem to get it working and I'm kinda on the clock, okay so.

I'm trying to make a bash script with a 4 option menu: 1 Add single user 2 Add from list 3 Delete single user 4 Delete from list

Adding and deleting single users I've got working it's just from list that keep defeating me.

This is the code I've got so far

#!/bin/bash choice=5 # Main display echo "Enter number to select an option" echo echo "1) Add Single User" echo "2) Add Users from list" echo "3) Delete Single User" echo "4) Delete users from list" echo while [ $choice -eq 5 ]; do read choice if [ $choice -eq 1 ] ; then echo -e "Enter Username" read user_name echo -e "Enter Password" read user_passwd sudo useradd $user_name -m -p $user_passwd cat /etc/passwd else if [ $choice -eq 2 ] ; then x=0 created=0 echo -e "Enter file name for users:" read user_list sudo useradd "$user_list" -m -p "$user_list" else if [ $choice -eq 3 ] ; then cat /etc/passwd echo echo -e "User to be deleted:" read del_user sudo userdel -r $del_user cat /etc/passwd echo else if [ $choice -eq 4 ] ; then echo "Not yet finished" else echo "#####################" echo "# Stop being a noob #" echo "#####################" echo "1) Add Single User" echo "2) Add Users from list" echo "3) Delete Single User" echo "4) Delete users from list" echo choice=5 fi fi fi fi done

The file to get the users from is just

User20 User19 User18 User17 User16 User15 User14 User13 User12 User11 User10 User9 User8 User7 User6 User5 User4 User3 User2 User1

It's sloppy as hell I know but I just need it for a demo from a presentation assignment, any help is appreciated.



After you read in the name of the file you have to iterate through that file and create or delete user for each line of the file.

Example :

for user in `cat user_list` do sudo useradd "$user" -m -p "$user" done


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