Angular 6 ng lint combineLatest is deprecated


I recently updated from Angular 5 to Angular 6.

I'm getting this warning combineLatest is deprecated: resultSelector no longer supported, pipe to map instead. Rxjs is version 6.1.0, tslint is 5.10.0, Angular CLI is 6.0.0 and Typescript 2.7.2. I'm using it like this:

const a$ = combineLatest( this.aStore.select(b.getAuth), this.cStore.select(b.getUrl), (auth, url) => ({auth, url}), );

I've tried it also like this:

empty().pipe( combineLatest(...), ... )

But this gives me: combineLatest is deprecated: Deprecated in favor of static combineLatest and empty is also deprecated in favor of its static version.



combineLatest is deprecated: resultSelector no longer supported, pipe to map instead


The above warning is recommending to remove the resultSelector the last function you provided in combineLatest observable and provide it as part of map operator as follows

const a$ = combineLatest( this.aStore.select(b.getAuth), this.cStore.select(b.getUrl) ); const result$ = a$.pipe( map(results => ({auth: results[0], url: results[1]})) )


Unfortunately you might also get that tslint error if you import combineLatest from operators:

import { combineLatest } from 'rxjs/operators'; combineLatest(...array);

instead of,

import { combineLatest } from 'rxjs'; combineLatest(...array);


For trailing comma error, remove the comma after (auth, url) => ({auth, url})

const a$ = combineLatest( this.aStore.select(b.getAuth), this.cStore.select(b.getUrl), (auth, url) => ({auth, url}), // Remove this comma. );

For missing import error, Make sure you have imports for all the external var's or classes you are using in the file.

Example, in this case, if you havent imported combineLatest, then import it

import { combineLatest } from 'rxjs'; // For RxJS 6.x import { combineLatest } from 'rxjs/operators'; // For RxJS 5.x


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