List using with references, changes behavior when used as a member


Experimenting with this question/answer <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/50649120/225186" rel="nofollow">https://stackoverflow.com/a/50649120/225186</a> I produced what seems to be a legal recursive self referential class that implements a circular list:

struct node{ int val; node const& next; }; int main(){ node s{3, {4, s}}; assert(s.val == 3); assert(s.next.val == 4); assert(&s.next.next == &s); assert(s.next.next.val == 3); }

However, when I try put this as a member of a larger class I get a warning from the compiler and the behavior changes.

struct A{ node n; int i; A(int a, int b) : n{a, {b, n}}{} // warning here, also tried n{a, node{b, n}} }; int main(){ A a(3, 4); assert( a.n.val == 3 ); assert(&(a.n.next.next) == &(a.n)); // this assert fail and assert( a.n.next.val == 4 ); // segmentation fault here }

The warning I get is gcc: warning: a temporary bound to ‘A::n’ only persists until the constructor exits [-Wextra]. I don't believe that the warning is correct, however it is consistent with the later runtime error.

I admit that the class is non-conventional, however, <strong>how can it be that a class that it changes behavior inside a class?</strong>

<strong>Am I missing something?</strong>


Aggregate initialization allows binding references to temporaries (<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35313292/aggregate-reference-member-and-temporary-lifetime" rel="nofollow">and this causes lifetime extension</a>). Your first example is <a href="https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/aggregate_initialization" rel="nofollow">aggregate initialization</a> because node is an aggregate.

However, in a constructor member initializer list, it is ill-formed to bind a reference to a temporary (C++17 class.base.init/11). This is because there is no lifetime extension in that situation , and allowing it would inevitably produce a dangling reference. In the second example node is not an aggregate because it has a user-provided constructor.


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