C# Use Regex to Remove everything inside brackets and the brackets themselves


I have a string:

var schoolName = "University of Hawaii [Maui/Oahu/Kaui]";

I would like to remove everything inside the brackets and the brackets themselves so the string outputs "University of Hawaii" only.

I have been looking for the correct regex but haven't found the solution for doing this:

var pattern = @"\[(.*?)\]"; var query = "University of Hawaii [Maui/Oahu/Kaui]"; var matches = Regex.Matches(query, pattern); foreach (Match m in matches) { Console.WriteLine(m.Groups[1]); }

Thanks for your help!


You are almost there. You have to use the Replace method:

var pattern = @" \[(.*?)\]"; var query = "University of Hawaii [Maui/Oahu/Kaui]"; Console.WriteLine(Regex.Replace(query, pattern, string.Empty));


Using only \[.*?\] you can match everything including the brackets.

As I am not very familiar with C#, could you then replace it with an empty string?


You can do it like this:

var pattern = @"\s\[.*\]"; var regex = new Regex(pattern); var result = regex.Replace(query, "");


What about this:

var pattern = @"\[.*\]"; var query = "University of Hawaii [Maui/Oahu/Kaui]"; var result = Regex.Replace(query, pattern); Console.WriteLine(result);


here is the code I am using to do the job :

var pattern = @"\[(.*?)\]"; var result = Regex.Replace(stringToSanitize, pattern, string.Empty);


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