Use of `get` and `toSqlKey` in persistent


I'm trying to use persistent-postgresql with servant.

I have a User model.

I want to have an endpoint that takes an id and returns the user with that id.

According to other answers I can use toSqlKey to turn an Int64 into a Key to feed to get.

My function looks like:

oneUser :: Int64 -> App (Entity User) oneUser userId = do maybeUser <- runDb $ get $ toSqlKey userId case maybeUser of Nothing -> throwError err404 Just user -> return user

When I try to compile I get the error Couldn't match expected type ‘PersistEntityBackend (Entity User)’ with actual type ‘SqlBackend’

Use of selectList works fine.

allUsers :: App [Entity User] allUsers = runDb $ selectList [] []

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and where I should look in the future for stuff like this. I couldn't find get on hackage/the right version of the library on stackage etc.

runDb looks like:

runDb :: (MonadReader Config m, MonadIO m) => SqlPersistT IO b -> m b runDb query = do pool <- asks getPool liftIO $ runSqlPool query pool

taken from <a href="https://github.com/parsonsmatt/servant-persistent/blob/master/src/Models.hs" rel="nofollow">this github project</a>.


The difference is that get ... returns a plain User not an Entity User, so this will work:

altSingleUser :: Int64 -> App User altSingleUser userid = do let foo = get (toSqlKey userid) :: SqlPersistT IO (Maybe User) maybeUser <- runDb $ foo case maybeUser of Nothing -> throwError err404 Just person -> return person

If you want to return an Entity User, just change the last return statement to:

return $ Entity { entityKey = toSqlKey userid, entityVal = person }


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