Keyvalue pipe using to print nested values


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To print nested array values, I am using Keyvalue pipe

Use keyvalue pipe

<ul *ngFor="let stdObj of student"> <li>ID : {{stdObj.id}} Name : {{stdObj.name}} <ng-container *ngFor="let test of stdObj?.value | keyvalue"> {{test.key}} : {{test.value}} </ng-container> </li> </ul>

In typescript

this.student = [ { id:123, name: "Test", value:["{pass: true,verified: true}"] }, { id:435, name:"Test12", value:["{pass: false, verified: true}"] } ]

Expecting ouput as

ID : 123 Name : Test pass : true verified : true


Currently by your definition, value key holds an array of string: ["{...}"], so the output for it will not show what you expected; instead, it will output index value 0 as 'key' value for the first item, while "{...}' as its value.

So in order to get what you expected, re-defined value as below:

value: {pass: true,verified: true}


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