IBM Worklight 6.0 - “WebWorks SDK source file was not found” error


I am using Worklight 6 on Mac OS, and I installed WebWorks SDK

I have got some issues with WEBWORKS_HOME environment variable, that I fixed after reading <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17260481/ibm-worklight-mac-webworks-home-environment-variable-is-undefined" rel="nofollow">IBM Worklight - Mac - "'WEBWORKS_HOME' environment variable is undefined"</a>

Now I am having the error


WebWorks SDK source file was not found. Make sure to set it in application-decsriptor.xml: Replace it with path to WebWorks SDK


When I try to build the Blackberry app.

When I check my application descriptor, I only see

<blackberry10 version="1.0"/>

Should I add something to Blackberry app in the application descriptor? or what shall I do to fix the error?


You've installed the <strong>wrong</strong> SDK.

<ul><li>For BlackBerry 6 and 7, use: <a href="https://developer.blackberry.com/bbos/html5/downloads/?os=mac#smartphones" rel="nofollow">https://developer.blackberry.com/bbos/html5/downloads/?os=mac#smartphones</a><br /></li> <li>For BlackBerry 10, use: <a href="https://developer.blackberry.com/html5/downloads/?os=mac#blackberry10" rel="nofollow">https://developer.blackberry.com/html5/downloads/?os=mac#blackberry10</a></li> </ul>

Make sure that the WEBWORKS_HOME variable path points to that of the BlackBerry 10 SDK.


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