Oracle: possible encoding problems when importing data


On Oracle 11, I dumped my data using exp/imp to be migrated to another DB.

I tested to import the dump file on my local database, with no problem at all.

But then my colleague tried the same on his own machine and <strong>some tables</strong> couldn't get imported due to the error:

can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column.

I dont have any long type, but I read that this error could also be thrown when size exceeds on a varchar2 type, So I checked character sets of databases, I have default Windows charset and he has utf8 charset. So do you think maybe same length of data are represented with more bytes and this leads to this kind of error?

Do I have to change my database charset and create another dump? I look for a better solution, because this also needs to be imported to customers database, which I know has a totally different charset..


Any windows inherited character set isn't multi byte by definition. When you created multi byte(utf8) db every single character may be converted during the import to 1-3 bytes. So you have to increase automatically before import every string type column to x3 times. In case you will case the limit of 4096 use Clob type instead.


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