How to capture if current vendor is selected


In my sidebar on the collection pages and index, I have listed all vendors with the code below. Now I want to add an .active class to the <li> when that particular vendor is selected. I want to do the same thing with a list of product types. How do I check which vendor is selected?

I tried {% if collection.handle == vendor %}. But it returns null as it can only capture collections names.

<ul class="nav"> {% for vendor in shop.vendors %} <li class="collection-container {% if collection.handle == vendor %}active {% endif %}">{{ vendor | link_to_vendor }}</li> {% endfor %} </ul>

Please note that the url is constructed as /collections/types?q=Nike and that after the = comes the vendor. I want to try to somehow capture on which current collection the user is navigating and add an active tag throughout the foreach loop.

I realise it can be done by creating collections for each vendor and product type and using collection.handel, but I am interested in trying to solve it by capturing the last bit of the URL.


**show vendor filter use these code **<br /><ul class="filter"><br />{% for Vendor in shop.vendors %}<br />{% if shop.vendors contains Vendor %}<br />{% if collection.current_vendor == Vendor %} <li class="active"> {{ Vendor | link_to_vendor }}</li><br />{% else %}<br /><li>{{ Vendor | link_to_vendor }}</li>{% endif %}<br />{% endif %}<br />{% endfor %}<br /></ul>

<strong>if you want to short vendor try these code</strong><br /><ul class="filter"><br />{% assign myvendor = 'samsung,xaomi,Nokia' | split:"," %}<br />{% for Vendor in myvendor %}<br />{% if shop.vendors contains Vendor %}<br />{% if collection.current_vendor == Vendor %} <li class="active"> {{ Vendor | link_to_vendor }}</li><br />{% else %}<br /><li>{{ Vendor | link_to_vendor }}</li>{% endif %}<br />{% endif %}<br />{% endfor %}<br /></ul>


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