PHP: How to access array element values using array-index


How to access array element values using array-index?

<? $json = '{ "dynamic":{ "pageCount":"12", "tableCount":"1" } }'; $arr = json_decode($json, true); echo $arr['dynamic']['pageCount']; // working echo $arr[0]['pageCount']; // not working ?>

I will not know what is there in 'dynamic', so i want to access pageCount values dynamically?


<a href="http://php.net/array_values" rel="nofollow">array_values</a> is function you are looking for


<?php $json = '{ "dynamic":{ "pageCount":"12", "tableCount":"1" } }'; $arr = json_decode($json, true); echo $arr['dynamic']['pageCount']; // working $arr = array_values($arr); echo $arr[0]['pageCount']; // NOW working ?>


$arr = json_decode($json, true); foreach ($arr as $key => $value) { if (isset($value['pageCount'])) { //do something with the page count } }

If the structure is always a single nested JS object:

$obj = current($arr); echo $obj['pageCount'];


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