How I can derive count(*) from another table using LEFT JOIN mysql


I have table definition like below:

<ul><li>Place<br /> (id, name)</li> <li>Review<br /> (id, userid, placeid)</li> <li>Favorite <br />(id, userid, placeid)</li> <li>Photo<br /> (id, url, placeid) <br /> where placeid is foreign key to the id of Place table.</li> </ul>

On that table, I want to derive this kind of information:<br />- placeid, place name, totalReview, totalFavorite, totalPhoto.

I got stucked. My progress currently I can derive information just from 1 table, like I can know totalReview of place, by using this mysql statement: SELECT p.*, count(r.id) as totalReview from Place p left join Review r on p.id = r.placeid group by p.id. But, I don't know how I can derive the totalFavorite and totalPhoto.


You need to aggregate each table separately. Here is one solution:

SELECT p.*, totalreview, totalfavorite, totalphoto FROM place p LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT placeid, Count(*) AS totalReview FROM review GROUP BY placeid) r ON p.placeid = r.placeid LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT placeid, Count(*) AS totalFavorite FROM favorite GROUP BY placeid) f ON p.placeid = f.placeid LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT placeid, Count(*) AS totalPhoto FROM photo GROUP BY placeid) ph ON p.placeid = ph.placeid


This is a simple way to do this:

SELECT p.id, p.name, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Review r WHERE r.placeId=p.id) AS totalReview (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Favorite f WHERE f.placeId=p.id) AS totalFavorite (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Photo ph WHERE ph.placeId=p.id) AS totalPhoto FROM Place p


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