AssertionError: Multiple .dist-info directories on Data Science Experience


In a Python 3.5 notebook, backed by an Apache Spark service, I had installed BigDL 0.2 using pip. When removing that installation and trying to install version 0.3 of BigDL, I get this error: (linebreaks added for readability)

AssertionError: Multiple .dist-info directories: /gpfs/fs01/user/scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/BigDL-0.3.0.dist-info, /gpfs/fs01/user/scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/BigDL-0.2.0.dist-info

However, neither of these directories exists:

!ls -al /gpfs/fs01/user/scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/ total 0 drwx------ 2 scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b users 4096 Nov 8 06:12 . drwx------ 3 scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b users 4096 Nov 8 06:12 ..

What's wrong? How can I install the new version of the package after removing the old one?


The directory paths in the error message are wrong. The Python 3.5 kernel on DSX specifies a build directory for pip by setting the environment variable PIP_BUILD. The multiple dist-info directories are there:

!printenv PIP_BUILD ; ls -l $PIP_BUILD/* /tmp/scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b/pip-build total 0 drwx------ 8 scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b users 117 Nov 7 02:02 bigdl drwx------ 2 scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b users 135 Nov 7 02:02 BigDL-0.2.0.dist-info drwx------ 2 scbc-4dbab79416a6ec-4cf890276e2b users 135 Nov 8 06:12 BigDL-0.3.0.dist-info

To fix the problem, remove the build directory:

!rm -rf $PIP_BUILD

After that, pip can install the package without problems:

!pip install --no-dependencies bigdl==0.3 Collecting bigdl==0.3 Using cached BigDL-0.3.0-py2.py3-none-manylinux1_x86_64.whl Installing collected packages: bigdl Successfully installed bigdl


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