How to read certain data from mysql results in C#


I want to make certain query to mysql from C# so I can get back for example name and lastname.

I don't know how to handle this in c# and I want to minimize sqlinjection.

Here is my code:

con = new MySqlConnection("server=localhost;database=Customers;uid=root;pwd=******"); con.Open(); cmd = new MySqlCommand("SELECT name,lastname FROM customer WHERE ID_customer= ?Parname;", con); cmd.Parameters.Add("?Parname", MySqlDbType.Float).Value = customer_card; cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); con.Close();

I want to be able for example to read results and it will be only one result, in the 2 string variables. How to get trough the data and save it?

Thank you


A cheating but quick way of getting several strings out of a query returning one row would be as follows:

con = new MySqlConnection("server=localhost;database=Customers;uid=root;pwd=******"); try { con.Open(); cmd = new MySqlCommand("SELECT concat(name,'|',lastname) FROM customer WHERE ID_customer= ?Parname;", con); cmd.Parameters.Add("?Parname", MySqlDbType.Float).Value = customer_card; // Are you sure that the ID is float? That's the first time I see anything like that! var tokens = ((String)cmd.ExecuteScalar()).Split('|'); var firstName = tokens[0]; var lastName = tokens[1]; Console.Writeln("First={0}, Last={1}", firstName, lastName); } finally { con.Close(); }

The idea is to combine both strings into one on the MySql side, and split them back on the C# side. This trick lets you avoid looping through a reader, closing it, and so on. It assumes that the names do not contain '|' characters.


You need a DataReader to iterate trough the records, instead of using cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); use cmd.ExecuteReader();

try { MySqlDataReader myReader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); // Always call Read before accessing data. while (myReader.Read()) { //This will get the value of the column "name" Console.WriteLine(myReader.GetString(myReader.GetOrdinal("name"))); } // always call Close when done reading. myReader.Close(); // Close the connection when done with it. } finally { con.Close(); }


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