Convert GUID into Byte array using PHP?


I need to convert a system-generated GUID into a Byte[16] array and then convert those decimal values into a hex value string. Crazy, I know and I'm very open to a more efficient approach than the ones I've tried!

I've tried PHPs unpack() function on this GUID but can't seem to get the right format. I've tried c*, C* and all of the other possible formats.

Here's the GUID I'm starting with:


The Byte[16] array I'm trying to populate should look like this:

$bytearray = array(119,4,97,69,34,35,-108,101,-31,0,0,0,-110,-31,80,-48);

Once I get this $bytearray value, I can easily use PHPs dechex() function to convert each of these decimal values into their corresponding hex values. The end result of this conversion should look like this:

DEC: HEX 119: 77 4: 4 97: 61 69: 45 34: 22 35: 23 -108: 94 101: 65 -31: E1 0: 00 0: 00 0: 00 -110: 92 -31: E1 80: 50 -48: D0

Again, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure I really get what you want… You want an array with the hex value of the ASCCI code of the chars within you ID, am I right?

$str = "dwRhRSIjlGXhAAAAkuFQ0A"; $bytes = array(); for($i=0,$l = strlen($str);$i<$l;$i++) { $bytes[] = dechex(ord($str[$i])); }


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