Sonar 6.x LTS release schedule


We would like to upgrade our Sonar setup to 6.x but waiting for LTS release. Is there any update on when Sonarqube LTS (6.x) release is scheduled?

Also, we would like to understand major differences between Sonarqube 4.5.7 & Sonarqube 6.x in terms of support for Java/maven/msbuild/fxcop versions and other major features that 4.x users should be aware of.


The release of 6.7 LTS is planned for this fall. But you <em>cannot</em> upgrade directly from 4.5.7 to 6.7; you must first go through the intervening (current) LTS: 5.6.6.

For a summary of the differences between 4.5.7 and 5.6.6, see <a href="https://blog.sonarsource.com/sonarqube-5-6-lts-in-screenshots/" rel="nofollow">this blog post</a>. If you want more details, you should consult the release notes, as Simon noted in the comments.

When you upgrade to 5.6.6 (why not go ahead & get that out of the way?), you'll find that your custom dashboards are still there, but have been set aside in favor of a hard-coded project homepage. When you get to 6.7, you'll find that custom dashboards have been eliminated entirely, and a new projects page has been provided, as well as a reworked Measures space and countless other improvements.


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