Active Collab send Email after User create


I'am using the Active Collab API V5 to create User from our Service Desk - the creation of the User with the following POST works.

curl -k -v -h "Content-Type:application/json" -h "X-Angie-AuthApiToken:XXXXXXX" -X POST -d '{"type": "Member","email": "XXXXXXXX@XXXXXX", "password": "XXXXX"}' https://URL/api/v1/users

Is it possible to send the invite link automatically? Like the User creation on the web interface (Send invite link from People page).

I found this API Reference <a href="https://developers.activecollab.com/api-documentation/v1/people/users/invite.html" rel="nofollow">https://developers.activecollab.com/api-documentation/v1/people/users/invite.html</a> but on this way its only possible to invite directly to projects.


System makes a distinction between account creation, and invitiation (which includes account creation, but does a bit more). Here's how to invite one user or more users:

curl -h "Content-Type:application/json" \ -h "X-Angie-AuthApiToken:XXXXXXX" \ -X POST -d '{"role": "Member","email_addresses": ["X@Y.COM", "Y@X.com"], "custom_permissions": ["can_manage_projects", "can_manage_finances"]}' \ https://URL/api/v1/users/invite


<ul><li>API end-point is different (/api/v1/users/invite),</li> <li>Use role instead of type,</li> <li>A list of more than one email address can be specified,</li> <li>Custom permissions can be set,</li> <li>You can't specify user's password. They will receive invitation email, and complete the process themselves.</li> </ul>


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