Parsing complex XML with jQuery


I'm trying to parse the following XML with the following jQuery. Nothing is displayed on the page. I know it's getting the file. I've looked online and though there are many examples of parsing xml with jquery none of them looked like this formatting.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <wcm:root xmlns:wcm="http://www.stellant.com/wcm-data/ns/8.0.0" version=""> <wcm:element name="title"></wcm:element> <wcm:element name="wide_image">&lt;img src=&#39;[!--$wcmUrl&amp;amp;x28;&#39;resource&amp;#39;,&amp;#39;CMS3_130980&amp;#39;&amp;amp;x29;--]&amp;#39;/&gt;</wcm:element> <wcm:element name="image">&lt;img src="[!--$wcmUrl('resource','CMS3_132821')--]"/&gt;</wcm:element> <wcm:element name="body">&lt;p&gt; Paragraph of text goes here.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt; Paragraph of text goes here.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt; Paragraph of text goes here.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt; Paragraph of text goes here.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;br /&gt; Paragraph of text goes here.&lt;/p&gt; </wcm:element> </wcm:root>

HTML & jQuery:

<html> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "link_to_my_file.xml", dataType: "xml", success: parseXml }); }); function parseXml(xml){ $(xml).find("wcm\\3a root").each(function(){ alert("Test"); $("#output").append($(this).attr("title") + "<br />"); $("#output").append($(this).attr("wide_image") + "<br />"); $("#output").append($(this).attr("image") + "<br />"); $("#output").append($(this).attr("body") + "<br />"); }); }; </script> <div id="output"></div> </html>


You have to <a href="http://mathiasbynens.be/notes/css-escapes" rel="nofollow">escape</a> the : in the selector: <a href="http://mothereff.in/css-escapes#1wcm%3Aroot" rel="nofollow">http://mothereff.in/css-escapes#1wcm%3Aroot</a>

So, instead of:



$(xml).find("wcm\\3a root")

Also, your code snippet is invalid JavaScript (missing } after the parseXml function declaration). Check your error console.


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