How to escape html.actionLink tags in string.format


To make an URL within a translatable text we use {0} as placeholder.

So we do:

@string.Format(@translationHelper.GetTranslation("label-ClickToContinue"), @Html.ActionLink( @translationHelper.GetTranslation("text-here"), "Login", new { Model.UserName, Model.UniqueId } ) )

Translation keys:

label-ClickToContinue = "Click {0} to continue" text-here = "here"

But this prints the escaped string into the source: <a href="/Login/Login?UserName=alberttest3&UniqueId=f3647fed-bab4-4575-bb5f-98ed27edff43">label-RequestNewOfficeWizard</a>

How to make sure that it'll not show the html-tag, but the URL?


It easy <strong>just put the output from string.Format() inside a Html.Raw()</strong> like this:

@Html.Raw(string.Format(@translationHelper.GetTranslation("label-ClickToContinue"), @Html.ActionLink( @translationHelper.GetTranslation("text-here"), "Login", new { Model.UserName, Model.UniqueId } ) ))

Translation keys:

label-ClickToContinue = "Click {0} to continue" text-here = "here"


This is not supported by the ActionLink helper. It always HTML encodes the text. You could either write your own custom helper that doesn't encode the text or simply:

<a href="@Url.Action(Login, new { UserName, Model.UniqueId })"> @Html.Raw(translationHelper.GetTranslation("text-here")) </a>

By the way now that I have posted this code it looks so ugly. Go ahead and write a custom helper:

public static class HtmlExtensions { public static IHtmlString ActionLinkLocalized( this HtmlHelper html, string translationText, string actionName, object routeValues ) { var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(html.ViewContext.RequestContext); var anchor = new TagBuilder("a"); anchor.Attributes["href"] = urlHelper.Action(actionName, routeValues); anchor.InnerHtml = TranslationHelper.GetTranslation(translationText); return new HtmlString(anchor.ToString()); } }

and in your view simply:

@Html.ActionLinkLocalized("text-here", "Login", new { UserName, Model.UniqueId })


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