Cocoa: NextKeyView - Tab Order


in my cocoa application I want to change the tab order of the controls so I can switch from a textfield to a button. I did connect the nextKeyView property of the textfield with the button but it seems to have no effect at all.

I already activated the appropriate system settings for Keyboard so I can tab to all controls now. It works fine but not in the order I set as nextKeyView.


You need to connect your window's initialFirstResponder outlet to at least 1 field. Some controls like NSTabView have one more initialResponder. So if you have anything inside tabview you need to connect them also. <strong>Overall logic is you need to connect all initialresponde to atleast 1 field</strong>


The answer provided by @sach solved this for me.

I created a new storyboard project, and added 3 text fields. I set a custom order by linking them together with nextKeyView in Interface Builder, but this had no effect at runtime. This is the simplest test case that I could come up with to replicate your (and my) problem.

To solve it using @sach's answer, create a new outlet and connect it to one of the NSTextFields:

@IBOutlet var firstTextField: NSTextField!

In the ViewController, I then added:

override func viewWillAppear() { // Must execute this after the window is connected self.view.window!.initialFirstResponder = nameField }

Re-run and the text fields cycle properly according to the order set using the nextKeyView links


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