Dynamic add items to listview using arrayadapter Android


Im using Custom class to fill Adapter on ListView Class looks like that:

package com.example.raidplanner; public class RaidWpis { private int id; private int id_gildia; private String nazwa; private int schemat; private int data_zapis; private int data_start; private int opis; private int id_officer; private int nick_officer; private int typ; public RaidWpis(int id,String nazwa) { setNazwa(nazwa); setId(id); } public int getId(){ return id; } public void setId(int id){ this.id = id; } public String getNazwa() { return nazwa;} public void setNazwa(String nazwa) { this.nazwa = nazwa; } public String toString() { return this.nazwa; } public String toString2() { return this.id+" - "+nazwa; } }

In my activity Im using this code

RaidWpis[] items = { new RaidWpis(1, "aaaa"), new RaidWpis(3, "bbbb"), new RaidWpis(6, "cccc"), new RaidWpis(11, "dddd"), new RaidWpis(17, "eeee"), }; mainListView = (ListView) findViewById( R.id.mainListView ); ArrayAdapter<RaidWpis> raidList = new ArrayAdapter<RaidWpis>(this, R.layout.simplerow, items); // Create ArrayAdapter using the raid list. mainListView.setAdapter(raidList);

Now how to add new items to items array. Finaly I want to fill that items array with data from json data (passed from PHP)


I did it, just changed some code to that:

ArrayList<RaidWpis> raid_list = new ArrayList<RaidWpis>(); raid_list.add(new RaidWpis(1, "aaaa")); raid_list.add(new RaidWpis(3, "bbb")); raid_list.add(new RaidWpis(5, "ccc")); ArrayAdapter<RaidWpis> raidList=new ArrayAdapter<RaidWpis>(this, R.layout.simplerow, raid_list);


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