How to define a custom accuracy in Keras to ignore samples with a particular gold label?


I want to write in Keras a custom metric (I am using the tensorflow backend) equivalent to categorical_accuracy, but where the output for samples with a particular gold label (in my case 0, from y_true) have to be ignored. For example, if my outputs were:

Pred 1 - Gold 0

Pred 1 - Gold 1

The accuracy would be 1, since samples with the gold label 0 have to be ignored. That said, the function I wrote (and that is not giving the expected results) is:

def my_accuracy(y_true, y_pred): mask = K.any(K.not_equal(K.argmax(y_true, axis=-1), 0), axis=-1, keepdims=True) masked_y_true = y_true*K.cast(mask, K.dtype(y_true)) masked_y_pred = y_pred*K.cast(mask, K.dtype(y_pred)) return keras.metrics.categorical_accuracy(masked_y_true, masked_y_pred)`

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


You could try this approach:

def ignore_accuracy_of_class(class_to_ignore=0): def ignore_acc(y_true, y_pred): y_true_class = K.argmax(y_true, axis=-1) y_pred_class = K.argmax(y_pred, axis=-1) ignore_mask = K.cast(K.not_equal(y_pred_class, class_to_ignore), 'int32') matches = K.cast(K.equal(y_true_class, y_pred_class), 'int32') * ignore_mask accuracy = K.sum(matches) / K.maximum(K.sum(ignore_mask), 1) return accuracy return ignore_acc


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