Overriding a makefile variable


I have a master makefile which has the default values for variables and then a child makefile which includes project specific settings. At the end of the child makefile, I include the master makefile.

I have been using the following code in the master makefile to set default values for a variable

ifndef CC CC = avr-gcc endif

And then recently I read that I can also do

CC ?= avr-gcc

So my question is, whether both are same and if yes which one is the recommended way of overriding variables.


The second is broadly understood, easier to read and causes less clutter.

The first way, using ifndef / endif is more for instances where you want to do <em>more</em> than just set a variable, like toggling many things depending on if DEBUG is set, or something else.

If you just want to set a variable <em>if</em> it's not already set, then var ?= value is definitely sufficient.


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