RowIDs resetting in jqGrid,How to prevent it?


For some reason the rowIDs get reset once i do any any action from the pagination(increase the number of rows,move to next page etc)

for e.g i have 75records in total.Im displaying 15records at a time.In total i have 3 pages each can display 15records.When im in first page which is displaying that records from 1-15 i get rowIDs 1-15 for rows.Now when i move to next page which displays records from 16-30 i get the rowIDs 1-15 for rows.Here when i moved to new page where 16-30 records are being displayed i was expecting the rowIDs to be from 16-30 but they are not,they are from 1-15.Same thing happens when i do an action from pager to display 30 records at a time instead of 15(default).

I want rowID starting from 1 to n number of records instead of 1-15 for each page.Is there a way to do it? If yes than please help me out.thanks


Row Id will work this way because it generates dynamic Ids for your rows when your data is populated in the grid. This is the default behavior.

You can get a unique row Id if you set a Primary key. this way, you'll get the value of Primary key as row Id. Simply set key: true property of the column you want to set as primary key, in the colModel collection.


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