Firebase: How to read from external DB?


I have some data in PostgreSQL on another server that I need to read to include in my Firebase app, and then render charts. I only have the db connection string, there are no endpoints there to return that data.


I would restrict entering connection string to admin, using auth and roles on Firebase.

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Then I need a way for Firebase app to grab that data with SQL and show on client, which would render tables and charts.

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The user should never be able to see the connection strings, even in network traffic.

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Is this doable and how?


I had a similar problem to solve and as a <strong>temporary solution</strong> I initialized app with firebase admin serviceAccount. Then listened for changes of firebase collection on my server and on new value received inserted\updated the values in PostgreSQL.

Initialize app as admin and listen for changes on firebase:

admin.initializeApp({ credential: admin.credential.cert(serviceAccount), databaseURL: 'https://yourfirebaseproject.firebaseio.com', }); const db = admin.database(); db.ref('User').on('value', async (snapshot) => { insertOrUpdate(User, 'users', snapshot.val()); });

Insert\update data into PostgreSQL:

const insertOrUpdate = (model, tableName, data) => { const firstData = data[0] ? data[0] : data; return model.knex().raw( knex(tableName).insert(data).toQuery() + ' ON CONFLICT ("id") DO UPDATE SET ' + Object.keys(firstData).map((field) => `${field}=EXCLUDED.${field}`).join(', ') ); };


Firebase has no "sync with PostgreSQL" API.

So either you app will need to do that (meaning that it has access to both the PostgreSQL an the Firebase Database) or you'll need to set up a server to do so.

Since you already ruled that the app can't know the PostgreSQL connection string, that only leaves doing this on a server (or some other place that the general users don't have access to).

Beyond that the scenario is incredibly broad. There are many, many ways to implement it.


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