C# How can I compare two word strings and indicate which parts are different


For example if I have...

string a = "personil"; string b = "personal";

I would like to get...

string c = "person[i]l";

However it is not necessarily a single character. I could be like this too...

string a = "disfuncshunal"; string b = "dysfunctional";

For this case I would want to get...

string c = "d[isfuncshu]nal";

Another example would be... (Notice that the length of both words are different.)

string a = "parralele"; string b = "parallel"; string c = "par[ralele]";

Another example would be...

string a = "ato"; string b = "auto"; string c = "a[]to";

How would I go about doing this?

Edit: The length of the two strings can be different.

Edit: Added additional examples. Credit goes to user Nenad for asking.


I must be very bored today, but I actually made UnitTest that pass all 4 cases (if you did not add some more in the meantime).

<strong>Edit</strong>: Added 2 edge cases and fix for them.

<strong>Edit2</strong>: letters that repeat multiple times (and error on those letters)

[Test] [TestCase("parralele", "parallel", "par[ralele]")] [TestCase("personil", "personal", "person[i]l")] [TestCase("disfuncshunal", "dysfunctional", "d[isfuncshu]nal")] [TestCase("ato", "auto", "a[]to")] [TestCase("inactioned", "inaction", "inaction[ed]")] [TestCase("refraction", "fraction", "[re]fraction")] [TestCase("adiction", "ad[]diction", "ad[]iction")] public void CompareStringsTest(string attempted, string correct, string expectedResult) { int first = -1, last = -1; string result = null; int shorterLength = (attempted.Length < correct.Length ? attempted.Length : correct.Length); // First - [ for (int i = 0; i < shorterLength; i++) { if (correct[i] != attempted[i]) { first = i; break; } } // Last - ] var a = correct.Reverse().ToArray(); var b = attempted.Reverse().ToArray(); for (int i = 0; i < shorterLength; i++) { if (a[i] != b[i]) { last = i; break; } } if (first == -1 && last == -1) result = attempted; else { var sb = new StringBuilder(); if (first == -1) first = shorterLength; if (last == -1) last = shorterLength; // If same letter repeats multiple times (ex: addition) // and error is on that letter, we have to trim trail. if (first + last > shorterLength) last = shorterLength - first; if (first > 0) sb.Append(attempted.Substring(0, first)); sb.Append("["); if (last > -1 && last + first < attempted.Length) sb.Append(attempted.Substring(first, attempted.Length - last - first)); sb.Append("]"); if (last > 0) sb.Append(attempted.Substring(attempted.Length - last, last)); result = sb.ToString(); } Assert.AreEqual(expectedResult, result); }


Have you tried my <a href="http://difflib.codeplex.com/" rel="nofollow">DiffLib</a>?

With that library, and the following code (running in <a href="http://linqpad.net" rel="nofollow">LINQPad</a>):

void Main() { string a = "disfuncshunal"; string b = "dysfunctional"; var diff = new Diff<char>(a, b); var result = new StringBuilder(); int index1 = 0; int index2 = 0; foreach (var part in diff) { if (part.Equal) result.Append(a.Substring(index1, part.Length1)); else result.Append("[" + a.Substring(index1, part.Length1) + "]"); index1 += part.Length1; index2 += part.Length2; } result.ToString().Dump(); }

You get this output:


To be honest I don't understand what this gives you, as you seem to completely ignore the changed parts in the b string, only dumping the relevant portions of the a string.


Here is a complete and working console application that will work for both examples you gave:

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace ConsoleApplication2 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string a = "disfuncshunal"; string b = "dysfunctional"; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); for (int i = 0; i < a.Length; i++) { if (a[i] != b[i]) { sb.Append("["); sb.Append(a[i]); sb.Append("]"); continue; } sb.Append(a[i]); } var str = sb.ToString(); var startIndex = str.IndexOf("["); var endIndex = str.LastIndexOf("]"); var start = str.Substring(0, startIndex + 1); var mid = str.Substring(startIndex + 1, endIndex - 1); var end = str.Substring(endIndex); Console.WriteLine(start + mid.Replace("[", "").Replace("]", "") + end); } } }

it <strong><em>will not work</em></strong> if you want to display more than one entire section of the mismatched word.


You did not specify what to do if the strings were of different lengths, but here is a solution to the problem when the strings are of equal length:

private string Compare(string string1, string string2) { //This only works if the two strings are the same length.. string output = ""; bool mismatch = false; for (int i = 0; i < string1.Length; i++) { char c1 = string1[i]; char c2 = string2[i]; if (c1 == c2) { if (mismatch) { output += "]" + c1; mismatch = false; } else { output += c1; } } else { if (mismatch) { output += c1; } else { output += "[" + c1; mismatch = true; } } } return output; }


Not really good approach but as an exercise in using LINQ: task seem to be find matching prefix and suffix for 2 strings, return "prefix + [+ middle of first string + suffix.

So you can match prefix (Zip + TakeWhile(a==b)), than repeat the same for suffix by reversing both strings and reversing result.

var first = "disfuncshunal"; var second = "dysfunctional"; // Prefix var zipped = first.ToCharArray().Zip(second.ToCharArray(), (f,s)=> new {f,s}); var prefix = string.Join("", zipped.TakeWhile(c => c.f==c.s).Select(c => c.f)); // Suffix var zippedReverse = first.ToCharArray().Reverse() .Zip(second.ToCharArray().Reverse(), (f,s)=> new {f,s}); var suffix = string.Join("", zippedReverse.TakeWhile(c => c.f==c.s).Reverse().Select(c => c.f)); // Cut and combine. var middle = first.Substring(prefix.Length, first.Length - prefix.Length - suffix.Length); var result = prefix + "[" + middle + "]" + suffix;

Much easier and faster approach is to use 2 for loops (from start to end, and from end to start).


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