Controller or RestController


i'm new to jEE, and this is my first jEE code using spring. The code bellow is working fine. He just print the string index when i go to my localhost; and otherwise he print handling error.

My question is: Why this code isn't working anymore if I use @Controller instead of @RestController

I can't find any simple explanation in the docs from spring and I was hoping someone could explain this.

I have the feelings that a controller alone can't work without something like thymeleaf (I know if I were using thymeleaf the string index would be replaced by the index page from the ressources folder) where a RestController might be returning data as xml or json or something else.


@RestController public class HelloController implements ErrorController { @RequestMapping("/") public String index() { return "index"; } @RequestMapping("/error") public String error() { return "gestion erreur"; } @Override public String getErrorPath() { return "/error"; } }


The job of @Controller is to create a Map of model object and find a view but @RestController simply return the object and object data is directly written into HTTP response as JSON or XML.

The @Controller is a common annotation which is used to mark a class as Spring MVC Controller while @RestController is a special controller used in RESTFul web services and the equivalent of @Controller + @ResponseBody.

If you want the same functionality of @RestController without using it you can use @Controller and @ResponseBody.

@Controller public class HelloController{ @RequestMapping("/") @ResponseBody public String index() { return "index"; } }


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