SonarQube: Ignore files during coverage report


I want to provide a coverage report for a ui project.

The project mainly consists of .ts files which under version control.

The gulp command used to check coverage, generates .js files which are then checked for coverage. (and a coverage report that ... reports <strong>only</strong> on those files)

The .js files are not under version control and, when produced are intermingled with the .ts files (i.e., wherever there is a .ts file, a .js file will be generated next to it).

This creates the following issue:

When sonarqube generates coverage report, to my report above (pointed to by sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths), the .ts files are added (which of course have 0.0% coverage) and this breaks the actual cov value.

Is there a way / pattern to instruct sonarqube to:

a) perform code analysis on .ts files

b) ignore <strong>all</strong> .ts files when generating coverage report?


Just found out in the <a href="https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Narrowing+the+Focus#NarrowingtheFocus-IgnoreCodeCoverage" rel="nofollow">project's documentation</a>.


<strong>Ignore Code Coverage</strong>

You can prevent some files from being taken into account for code coverage by unit tests.

To do so, go to Administration > General Settings > Analysis Scope > Code Coverage and set the Coverage Exclusions property


There is also the following directive that can be used in the sonar-project.properties file:



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