afterSave() gives error trying to get property of non-object in octoberCMS


i am trying to get path of uploaded file using fileupload widget and then copying that file in custom folder but when creating new record it gives error <strong>trying to get property 'path' of non-object</strong> when afterSave() calls.


public $attachOne = [ 'file' => ['System\Models\File'] ]; public function afterSave() { $path = $this->file->path; log::info($path); }


replace this afterSave method in your model and it will not show the error you are having.

public function afterSave() { $sessionKey = post('_session_key'); $file = $this->file()->withDeferred($sessionKey)->first(); if($file){ log::info($file->getPath()); } }

the reason is \System\Models\File is available with deferred after master model is commited its changes.

Let me know if you need more help into that.


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