Unable to download google-services.json file from Firebase Console


I have successfully created project on Firebase Console but after adding package name and fingerprint the browser redirected to error page


Firefox can’t find the file at <a href="https://console.firebase.google.com/m/mobilesdk/projects/xxxxxxxxxxxx/clients/android:com.lorem.ipsum/artifacts/2?param=[" rel="nofollow">https://console.firebase.google.com/m/mobilesdk/projects/xxxxxxxxxxxx/clients/android:com.lorem.ipsum/artifacts/2?param=[</a>"getArtifactRequest",null,"android:com.lorem.ipsum","2","xxxxxxxxxxxx"]


I am continuously getting this message while trying to download file from project settings


I faced same issue once.


Sign out + cache/history clear


solved it. Also try on different web browser


If You have Added More than One Google Accounts in Chrome Then Firebase Returns Some Error Messages. For Me, it returns this error :


)]}' {"code":7,"errorSpace":"generic","placeholders":{"trackingId":"52214415626247XXXXXX"},"status":403,"message":"backend error"}


Try the same in New Incognito Window mode(Ctrl+Shift+N) in Chrome. It works For Me..!!


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