How to redirect into different page by user type in php and mysql


I want to redirect the users from the same log-in page.

folder structure...

root | --------/application/app.php <---------- for normal user | --------/administration/admin.php <------- for admin user | -------- index.php (Log-in page)

User Table

ID USER_NAME PASSWORD USER_TYPE 1 admin pass@admin admin 2 user pass@user user

If the login user's user type is admin then he/she will be redirected to /administration/admin.php else /application/app.php.

How can I do it ?



After checking the username and password. You can check their usertype and save it to a variable in this case <strong>$user_type</strong>.

$user_type = $row['user_type'] //get the usertype of the user from table row in your database

if( $user == 1){ //check if user or password is correct from query if($user_type == "normal user"){ //check usertype header("Location:/application/app.php"); //if normal user redirect to app.php }else{ header("Location:/administration/admin.php"); //if admin user redirect to admin.php } }


Try something like this:

<?php $userType = $row['user_type']; if($userType == 'admin'){ header("Location: /administration/admin.php"); // This line triggers a redirect if the user_type is admin } else { header("Location: /application/app.php"); // This line triggers for other user_types } ?>

$row['user_type']; is simulating your SELECT from your database, I won't write the connection script for you, but this is just a guideline into what you need to look into. Also, look into PDO or MySQLi as MySQL is deprecated.


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