OnClick and MouseDown not working when using DragMode=dmAutomatic


I have a problem with left click on TPanel and TAdvPanel (TMS Components) also. If I set DragMode = dmAutomatic then Left click doesn't work. Right click works.

procedure TMain_Form.Panel_Item_01MouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); begin if Button = mbLeft then begin { whatever I type here nothing happen, even showmessage wont popup - no effect} end; if Button = mbRight then begin { here code works fine } end; end;

It seems simple to me but ... can't found the way how to resolve this issue and call procedure on left button click. Guys, any idea?


Guess problem is resolved now.

If you set TPanel component DragMode to dmAutomatic seems it can't trigger the OnClick event. However, when I set same TPanel DragMode to dmManual it can run OnClick even.

Problem solved with little help of OnMouseEnter even where I manually set Panel_Item_01.DragMode := dmManual; Now it can recognize left mouse button and preserve TPanel DragDrop functionality.

Here is complete code :

procedure TMain_Form.Panel_Item_01MouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); begin if Button = mbLeft then begin Panel_Item_01.DragMode := dmManual; { ..rest of code.. } end; if Button = mbRight then begin Panel_Item_01.DragMode := dmAutomatic; { ..rest of code.. } end; end; procedure TMain_Form.Panel_Item_01MouseEnter(Sender: TObject); begin Panel_Item_01.DragMode := dmManual; end; procedure TMain_Form.Panel_Item_01MouseLeave(Sender: TObject); begin Panel_Item_01.DragMode := dmAutomatic; end;


There is a one trick with this to "check" if the eq. TButton with a DragMode=TDragMode.dmAutomatic. Simply check the time distance between OnMouseLeave and OnMouseEnter... The code:

uses DateUtils; var Time1:TDateTime; procedure TForm4.Button2MouseLeave(Sender: TObject); begin Memo1.Lines.Add('OnMouseLeave'); Time1:=Now; end; procedure TForm4.Button2MouseEnter(Sender: TObject); var A:Integer; begin A:=MillisecondsBetween(Time1,Now); Memo1.Lines.Add('OnMouseEnter '+IntToStr(A)); end;

Then see that with clicking the TButton the time distance is always 0. Another events results with a larger time distance.

I know that it's a not clear approach to solve this problem, but Embarcadero sometimes makes me berserk...


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