My Namespace extension is not listed in the File open dialog


Background: I have namespace extension implemented to list folder and files from a server(fetched to through a proprietary APIs). It is displayed under "My Computer" and I am able browse the folders, and sub folder.

The problem: when I open the file dialog from any application, say visual studio, or notepad, etc. My namespace extension node is not listed

Question: what is to be done to make the namespace extension available in File Dialogs. What are the relevant registry keys, and are there any special interfaces to be implemented?

Thanks, Madhusudhana


You have to mark your extension as SFGAO_FILESYSANCESTOR. If the shell doesn't believe your folder contains real files/folders then it won't show it to the user in the common file dialogs since the user wouldn't be able to use it as a target for saving/loading documents.


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