can't use Hashes from Stylus


I read <a href="http://learnboost.github.io/stylus/docs/hashes.html" rel="nofollow">http://learnboost.github.io/stylus/docs/hashes.html</a> and none of the examples not working for me. For exapmle

foo = { bar: { baz: { raz: 10px } } } qux = "raz" padding padding foo["bar"].baz[qux]

a compilation error

expected "indent", got "eos"

What did I do wrong?


You should use colon when calling hashes' values, as otherwise Stylus couldn't differentiate between selectors and hashes. So,

foo = { bar: { baz: { raz: 10px } } } qux = "raz" padding padding: foo["bar"].baz[qux]

should work ok.


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