Loading multiple images in same UIImageView flashes last image before showing new image


The goal is to render different images using the same UIImageView. Each time the user taps a different button, a different image gets rendered in the UIImageView.

Example user flow:

<ul><li>User taps button for image 1. UIImageView appears loaded with image 1.</li> <li>User taps different button to close UIImageView. UIImageView gets hidden.</li> <li>User taps different button for image 2. UIImageView is loaded with image 2 then unhidden. Image 1 appears for a moment before image 2 appears.</li> </ul>

This works the first time. However, each subsequent time shows a glimpse of the prior image for a split second before showing the second image, causing a flickering user experience. For example, when viewing the second image, you see the first image for a brief moment before the second one appears on screen.

How can you fix subsequent loads so the prior image doesn't appear?

This function loads a new image into a UIImageView:

private func loadImage(targetView: UIImageView, imageURL: String) { // Get file path to <imageURL> let imageURL = getFilePath(imageURL) // Create image & show in <targetView> if let image = UIImage(named: imageURL) { targetView.contentMode = .ScaleAspectFill targetView.image = image targetView.clipsToBounds = true targetView.hidden = false } else { print("Error rendering image for \(imageURL)") } }


The solution was to reset the UIImageView upon closing so the second image is essentially reloaded into a fresh UIImageView.


I am not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, but this certainly should get you on your way to a solution. I tried to make it as deatailed as possible, but I can answer any questions you have.

class RandomImage: UITableViewCell { @IBOutlet weak var ImageView: UIImageView! @IBOutlet weak var ChangingButton: UIButton! override func awakeFromNib() { super.awakeFromNib() // Initialization code self.ChangingButton.setTitle("Change", forState: UIControlState.Normal) } @IBAction func changeImageTapped(sender: UIButton){ var firstRandomNumber = arc4random_uniform(NUMBER) + 1 var firstImageString:String = String(format: "image%i", firstRandomNumber) self.ImageView.image = UIIMAge(named: firstImageString) }


After connecting your outlets and adjusting the needed information in the code you should get a button that when clicked would return a random image after every click. I hope this can help you out.



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