How to make this boolean true? [closed]


if(mouseX<200 && mouseY<200 && key=='x'){ x1=true; image(X,0,0); key='a';}

Everything else inside this if statement happens, the image is drawn and the key is set to 'a', but the boolean x1 remains false. Does anyone know how I could fix this?


Your conditions states that not only the mouse should be less than 200 on X and Y coordinates but the x key needs to be held down for this condition to be true;

If you want the x1 to be true until you change/clear it one options is to decouple the condition from the draw loop and use something like the keyPressed() event:

boolean x1; PImage X; void setup() { size(400, 400); // placeholder X = createImage(90, 90, RGB); } void draw() { background(255); if (mouseX<200 && mouseY<200 && x1) { image(X, 0, 0); } } void keyPressed() { if (key == 'x'){ x1 = true; } if (key == ' '){ x1 = false; } }

If the mouse position is less than 200 on X and Y and x was pressed the image will be rendered. If the SPACE key is pressed while the image is rendered, the image will disappear as x1 is no longer true.


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