Save response from web-scraping as csv file


I downloaded a file from a website with rvest. How can I save the response as a csv file?

<strong>Step 1</strong>: Monkey patch rvest package like in this thread: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34830882/how-to-submit-login-form-in-rvest-package-w-o-button-argument" rel="nofollow">How to submit login form in Rvest package w/o button argument</a>

<pre class="lang-r prettyprint-override">library(tidyverse) library(rvest) library(R.utils) # monkey path submit_form custom.submit_request <- function (form, submit = NULL) { is_submit <- function(x) { if (!exists("type", x) | is.null(x$type)){ return(F); } tolower(x$type) %in% c("submit", "image", "button") } submits <- Filter(is_submit, form$fields) if (length(submits) == 0) { stop("Could not find possible submission target.", call. = FALSE) } if (is.null(submit)) { submit <- names(submits)[[1]] message("Submitting with '", submit, "'") } if (!(submit %in% names(submits))) { stop("Unknown submission name '", submit, "'.\n", "Possible values: ", paste0(names(submits), collapse = ", "), call. = FALSE) } other_submits <- setdiff(names(submits), submit) method <- form$method if (!(method %in% c("POST", "GET"))) { warning("Invalid method (", method, "), defaulting to GET", call. = FALSE) method <- "GET" } url <- form$url fields <- form$fields fields <- Filter(function(x) length(x$value) > 0, fields) fields <- fields[setdiff(names(fields), other_submits)] values <- pluck(fields, "value") names(values) <- names(fields) list(method = method, encode = form$enctype, url = url, values = values) } reassignInPackage("submit_request", "rvest", custom.submit_request)

<strong>Step 2:</strong> Download file

<pre class="lang-r prettyprint-override"># start scraping url <- "https://aws.state.ak.us/ApocReports/CampaignDisclosure/CDExpenditures.aspx" session_1 <- html_session(url) # there are two blue buttons: session_1 %>% html_nodes(".BlueButton") %>% html_attr(name = "value") #> [1] "Search" "Export" # click export button form <- html_form(session_1)[[1]] session_2 <- submit_form(session = session_1, form = form, submit = "M$C$sCDTransactions$csfFilter$btnExport") # now there are multiple buttons with hyperlinks # get the link for the csv file url_csv <- session_2 %>% html_nodes(".BlueButton") %>% html_attr(name = "href") %>% magrittr::extract2(4) %>% url_absolute(base = session_2$url) # download csv file file <- jump_to(session_2, url_csv) file$response #> Response [https://aws.state.ak.us/ApocReports/CampaignDisclosure/CDExpenditures.aspx?exportAll=False&exportFormat=CSV&isExport=True] #> Date: 2018-09-22 17:49 #> Status: 200 #> Content-Type: text/comma-separated-values; charset=utf-8 #> Size: 6.34 kB #> "Result","Date","Transaction Type","Payment Type","Payment Detail","Amou... #> 1,5/8/2017,Expenditure,Future Campaign Account,,$200.00,US Postal Servic... #> 2,11/29/2017,Expenditure,Bank Fee,,$12.00,Denali FCU,,440 E 36th Ave,Anc... #> 3,1/1/2018,Expenditure,Electronic Funds Transfer,,$3.54,Google,,1600 Amp... #> 4,12/31/2017,Expenditure,Electronic Funds Transfer,,$107.89,PayPal,,1840... #> 5,1/31/2018,Expenditure,Electronic Funds Transfer,,$16.42,Paypal,,1840 E... #> 6,2/1/2018,Expenditure,Check,197,$300.00,Corbett,Joshua,2448 Sprucewood ... #> 7,2/1/2018,Expenditure,Electronic Funds Transfer,,$5.00,Google,,1600 Amp... #> 8,2/28/2017,Expenditure,Bank Fee,,$4.10,First National Bank Alaska,,646 ... #> 9,3/31/2017,Expenditure,Bank Fee,,$4.10,First National Bank Alaska,,646 ... #> ...

<sup>Created on 2018-09-22 by the <a href="https://reprex.tidyverse.org" rel="nofollow noreferrer">reprex package</a> (v0.2.1)</sup>

The response looks promising. How can I save that response directly as csv-file?



httr::content(file$response, as="text") %>% write_lines("file.csv")


I'm answering this so the question can be marked as solved. All credit goes to @hrbrmstr.


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