Is there a way to assign a multi-line string to a object property?


I know that you can assign a multi-line string to a variable like this:

MyVar = ( this is a string with multiple lines )

But is there a way to assign the above string to an object property? I tried doing it like this but I received an error:

Array := {} Array["key"] = ( this is a string with multiple lines )

The error says:


The following variable name contains an illegal character <br /> "this <br /> is <br /> a<br /> string"<br />


I just want to be able to open my script in a text editor and copy and paste multiple-line strings directly into the editor as properties of objects.


You have to use the proper assignment operator := with Objects, likewise your text needs be enclosed by Quotes.


obj := {} obj["key"] := ( "this is a string with multiple lines" ) MsgBox % obj["key"]

Or you can do this below:

x = ( this is a string with multiple lines ) obj["key"] := x MsgBox % obj["key"]

You can also build a multi-line object like so:

obj := {"key": ( "this is a string with multiple lines" )} MsgBox % obj["key"]


Using a raw multiline string assignment like the following it tends to defeat any indenting you may have cultivated in your script.

str := {"Lines": ( "first second third" )}

Although that will work. If you're looking to preserve your code indenting then you can create a multiline string by delimiting the lines with `n like this:

str := {"Lines": "first`nSecond`nThird"}


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