How to fallback to a default value when ansible lookup fails?


I was a little bit surprised to discover that his piece of code fails with an IOError exception instead of defaulting to omitting the value.

#!/usr/bin/env ansible-playbook -i localhost, --- - hosts: localhost tasks: - debug: msg="{{ lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=missing-file.conf') | default(omit) }}"

How can I load a value without raising an exception?

Please note that the lookup module supports a default value parameter but this one is useless to me because it works only when it can open the file.

I need a default value that works even when the it fails to open the file.


As far as I know Jinja2 unfortunately doesn't support any try/catch mechanism.

So you either patch ini lookup plugin / file issue to Ansible team, or use this ugly workaround:

--- - hosts: localhost gather_facts: no tasks: - debug: msg="{{ lookup('first_found', dict(files=['test-ini.conf'], skip=true)) | ternary(lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=test-ini.conf'), omit) }}"

In this example first_found lookup return file name if file exists or empty list otherwise. If file exists, ternary filter calls ini lookup, otherwise omit placeholder is returned.


To avoid the error when the path doesn't exist, use a condition to check for the path before attempting the lookup:

--- - hosts: localhost tasks: - debug: msg="{{ lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=missing-file.conf') }}" when: missing-file.conf | exists

You can use this with set_fact as well, then omit the undefined var when using it if required:

- hosts: localhost tasks: - set_fact: foo: "{{ lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=missing-file.conf') }}" when: missing-file.conf | exists - debug: var: foo # undefined msg: "{{ foo | default(omit) }}" # omitted

Note that lookups and <a href="https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/user_guide/playbooks_tests.html#testing-paths" rel="nofollow">Jinja2 tests</a> run on the <em>controller</em>. If you need to check the path on the host, use the stat and either slurp or fetch modules:

- stat: file: missing-remote-file-with-text-i-want register: file - slurp: src: missing-remote-file-with-text-i-want register: slurp when: file.stat.exists - set_fact: foo: "{{ slurp.content | b64decode }}" when: file.stat.exists - fetch: src: missing-file.conf dest: /tmp/fetched fail_on_missing: False - set_fact: bar: "{{ lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=/tmp/fetched/' + inventory_hostname + '/missing-file.conf') }}" when: ('/tmp/fetched/' + inventory_hostname + '/missing-file.conf') | exists

Second note, in Ansible v2.5 the grammar for using the path tests was changed, the format is now:

- set_fact: foo: "{{ lookup('ini', 'foo section=DEFAULT file=missing-file.conf') }}" when: missing-file.conf is exists


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