Updating record in EF 4.1


I have an employee object say:

public class Employee { public int Id {get; set;} public int Name {get; set;} public int Address {get; set;} ...other few 10's of properties }

The question is how do I only update Name? For eg. If I want to update Name I do

Employee e = Db.Employees.Where(e => e.Id == someId).SingleOrDefault(); e.Name = "Jack"; Db.SaveChanges();

As you can see, for updating I have to first get the object and then update and then call SaveChanges(). For a task that can be done in a single query to a database I have to fire of 2 queries: 1) Get the object 2) update the required object and save changes.

For traditional stored procedure approach I would just pass the Id, pass the new Name and write Update statement and I am done. Is Entity Framework really that inefficient or am I missing something?


You can update columns selectively:

var employee = new Employee() { Id = someId, Name = "Jack" } Db.Employees.Attach(employee); Db.Employees.Entry(employee).Property(e => e.Name).IsModified = true; Db.SaveChanges();

Note: Only EF 5 with .NET 4.5 supports setting IsModified back to false.


You should use <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb896271.aspx" rel="nofollow">Attach</a> method

var e = new Employee() { Id = someId, Name = "Jack" } Db.Employees.Attach(e); Db.Employees.Entry(e).Property(p => p.Name).IsModified = true Db.SaveChanges();


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