Pass parameter to Partial View in ASP.NET Core


On an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application I need to render a partial view and pass a few parameters:

@Html.Partial("Form", new { File = "file.pdf" })

On the partial view I tried to access it using:


And I get the error:

RuntimeBinderException: 'object' does not contain a definition for 'File'

If I simply use on my partial:


I get the following printed on the page:

{ File = file.pdf }

So there the model is being passed and there is a property File in it.

So what am I missing?


You are passing untyped <em>(anonymous type)</em> data to partial view. You cannot use @Model.File. Instead, you will need to use ViewData's Eval method to retrieve the value.


Traditional approach is to create a strongly typed <strong><em>ViewModel</em></strong> class, and pass it to the partial view. Then you can access it as @Model.File.

public class SampleViewModel { public string File { get; set; } } @Html.Partial("Form", new SampleViewModel { File = "file.pdf" })

Inside Partial View,

@model SampleViewModel



You should have dynamic as the model of your partial view, this way, you can pass everything - like your anonymous object - and it will just work. Add:

@model dynamic

To the Form.cshtml file.


When you do new { File = "file.pdf" }, you are passing an object that contains an attribute file. Since this is of type object, you can't access any of its variables in c# directly. There some ugly codes to access a fields from an object such as the one that can be found here: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42689283/c-sharp-net-core-how-to-get-the-value-of-a-custom-attribute" rel="nofollow">C# .NET CORE how to get the value of a custom attribute?</a>

However in this case the most recommended way (for safety) is the create a class and pass an object of that class.

So if you create the following class:

public class MyFileInfo{ public string File { get; set } }

Then you can create your object by passing:

@Html.Partial("Form", new MyFileInfo{ File = "file.pdf" })

In your partial view, at the beginning, define your model class

@model MyFileInfo

Then in the same file you will now be able to access



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