python Get the unique values from a dictionary


I want to get the unique values from my dictionary.


{320: [167], 316: [0], 319: [167], 401: [167], 319: [168], 380: [167], 265: [166]}

Desired Output:


My code :

unique_values = sorted(set(pff_dict.itervalues()))

But I'm getting this error : TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'


It is not clear why you are mapping to single-item lists as values, but you can use a list comprehension to extract the elements.

foobar = {320: [167], 316: [0], 319: [167], 401: [167], 319: [168], 380: [167], 265: [166]} print list(set([x[0] for x in foobar.values()]))

If you start out by mapping directly to values though, the code can be much simpler.

foobar = {320: 167, 316: 0, 319: 167, 401: 167, 319: 168, 380: 167, 265: 166} print list(set(foobar.values()))


Lists do not qualify as candidate set content because they are <em>unhashable</em>.

You can merge the items into one container using <a href="https://docs.python.org/3/library/itertools.html#itertools.chain.from_iterable" rel="nofollow">itertoos.chain.from_iterable</a> before calling set:

from itertools import chain unique_values = sorted(set(chain.from_iterable(pff_dict.itervalues())))

Note that using itertools does not violate your choice of dict.itervalues over dict.values as the unwrapping/chaining is done <em>lazily</em>.


set expect an elements not list of list, So you have to create a list of elements using list comprehension

In [34]: sorted(set([i[0] for i in d.values()])) Out[34]: [0, 166, 167, 168]


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