Cant redraw UILabel after updating text


I'm trying to create a timer which updates a label every tick, This is what I have so far:

public override void ViewDidLoad () { timer = new Timer (); timer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler (TimerOnTick); timer.Interval = 1000; timer.Start (); } private void TimerOnTick (object obj, EventArgs ea) { timerLabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString (); timerLabel.SetNeedsDisplay (); }

But this doesn't update the label. In debug I can see that timerLabel.Text is being set, but I cant get the view to update or redraw.

How can I get my view to redraw after I update my timerLabel.text?


The label is not being updated because System.Timers.Timer invokes the handler on a separate thread. You cannot change ui elements in a thread other than the main.

Enclose your handler code to be executed on the main thread:

private void TimerOnTick (object obj, EventArgs ea) { this.InvokeOnMainThread(delegate { timerLabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString (); timerLabel.SetNeedsDisplay (); }); }


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