Typeahead.js does give me suggestions but doesn't select them


I'm using Bootstrap 3.0 and the latest version of Typeahead.js with the Hogan engine. I managed to get the remote loading of the suggestions to work (finally). Now the next hurdle is when a user clicks on a suggestion, how do I make that the word filled in the input? I thought this was probably done automatically but it doesn't for some reason? Is this just a basic line of JS I'm missing?

The input:

<input class="form-control typeahead playername-search">

This is the JS:

$(document).ready(function() { $('.playername-search').typeahead({ name: "playername-search", remote: 'http://xxxx/%QUERY', template: '

<strong>{{short_name}}</strong> – {{rating}}

', engine: Hogan }); });

One thing I have to mention, everything is inside a modal. Maybe that changes the situation? Thanks in advance!


This happens when typeahead doesn't know what data you want to fill in as a value. Make sure that JSON has either "value" property, or change it with <strong>valueKey</strong>

$('.playername-search').typeahead({ name: "playername-search", valueKey: "short_name", remote: 'http://xxxx/%QUERY', template: '

<strong>{{short_name}}</strong> – {{rating}}

', engine: Hogan });


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