Accidentally installed python 3.5 vs. python3.5 : Is this bad?


I run Linux Mint with Python 3.4.x pre-installed. I'm starting a new project and wanted to take advantage of 3.5ish stuff so I decided I would install 3.5 and create my new virtual environment pointing to it.

So, I by accident typed

sudo apt-get install python 3.5

Which I've since learned is different from

sudo apt-get install python3.5.

I know that is different because the later requires adding a new repository wherein the former I was able to do before I added the deadsnakes repo.

So, I went through the install of "python 3.5" - it asked me some questions about FTP to ined(something) or standalone, then I installed python3.5.

My question(s) is

1) What is python 3.5? (with the space), 2) Did I break anything, 3) Should I uninstall python 3.5 even though the uninstall warns me not to unless I really know what I am doing?

Thank you


Newer versions always have newer patches and fixes. Python 3.5.2 is probably what you installed if you used sudo apt-get install python3.5. There is also Python 3.6 now.

With the space (sudo apt-get install python 3.5) it would mean install python and 3.5 so maybe it just installed/updated python2.

Anyway, having multiple versions is not an issue. You may alias each install and use them as required.

<h3>Should I uninstall python 3.5 even though the uninstall warns me not to unless I really know what I am doing?</h3>

You shall do that if no other program/dependency is lost. Have you used it in some code? (which wouldn't work if its gone!) If you haven't then go ahead uninstall it.


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